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Наша цель – Всегда удовлетворение потребностей клиентов

Расположен в центре города

- Близко к пляжу , торговому району и ресторанам

- Расположенн в тихой и безопасной среде

- Полностью оборудованный  и удобный:
телевизор с плоским экраном с международными каналами, интернет с Wi-Fi, кухня с духовкой , микроволновой печью и все инструменты для кухни, стиральная машина, стиральное и сушильное отдельное место, безопасный шкаф, окна от уличного шума

- Очень красивый сад-кафе на крыше с видом на город и море (где сервируются завтрак )

- Парковка для мотоциклов и велосипедов

-  По запросу заказчика такие иные услуги : Меню завтрака, специально:  центр проката  мотоциклов, велосипедов, скутеров, Организованные туры.

- Очень хорошее обслуживание клиентов (Это самая важная задача  нашего бизнеса плана, цели )

“First Class Cozy Condos”
10-12-2017 08:17:45

“First Class Cozy Condos”

“First Class Cozy Condos”
5 of 5 starsReviewed 15 April 2013

Cozy Condos is an outstanding apartment rental several blocks away from the noisy streets of Nha Trang, yet within walking distance of the shops and cafes and also the pristine beach. It is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood within a friendly community, not unlike much of the rest of Vietnam.

The furnishings are modern and in good shape and the building and apartments are maintained in excellent condition. Twice a week +, the ever-smiling and courteous staff clean the apartments, and when I have made requests, such as cutting up a fresh pineapple or unlocking the front gate very early in the morning, so I could get to the fitness center a few blocks away, the staff have always been accommodating and have taken care of my requests in a polite manner. 

However, over and above the everyday requests and accommodation of needs, I have found the proprietor, Ms. Huong, to be particularly helpful. For example, I needed some paper towels, which were impossible to find in the stores located close to Cozy Condos, so she picked some up for me at a large market. She also called a travel agent in order that I might book a ticket to Dalat and in the early morning when I headed out to catch my bus, she drove me in order that I get there on time. Ms. Huong is also very personable, and has never missed an occasion to inquire about my level of comfort at Cozy Condos making sure that I am a satisfied customer, which I am. (Note, that I am writing this review as a current customer, one who highly recommends Cozy Condos to friends and strangers alike.) 

In keeping with the sentiment of this review, I was particularly inquisitive about the fact that of the 18 reviews of Cozy Condos on Trip Advisor, 17 provided 5-Star reviews and 1 provided a 3 star commentary highlighting a litany of malcontent prefaced with 'Just Okay' accommodation. Beginning with the letter A, it appears that the ubiquitous ant had invaded the 'Just Okay' apartment. Hmmm...ants, tiny ants, very tiny odd indeed in SE Asia. I've lived in north Asia (CDN expat) 16 years and have made numerous trips to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and elsewhere in SE Asia, and cannot recall a time that I did not see ants in my residence...very tiny ants of the non-carnivorous variety. This was also after making sure that all counter tops were wiped clean along with dishes and utensils. Essentially, I have found that the best way to deal with the little creepy crawlies in the tropics is to not let them bug you. Alternatively, stay in the temperate climates. Going to the end of the alphabet with the letter W, we have WiFi. Having been a resident in the ROK for many years, I have been spoiled with access to the deepest penetration and fastest broadband on the planet. Upgrades to WiFi at Cozy Condos have been implemented, enabling me to manage three web sites I own and operate, all with servers based in the U.S. Free WiFi - as it is at Cozy Condos - throughout Nha Trang at the many cafes, is generally no better nor worse than at Cozy Condos. Essentially, the WiFi connection is more than adequate. Heading back to the middle of the alphabet with the letter M, we have meters. Upon arrival and prior to signing a three month contract at Cozy Condos, Ms. Huong informed me, as she does with every long term resident, that fees for electricity and gas are billed at month-end, and after showing me the meters and taking a meter reading in full view to me, I signed my contract, knowing as most traveler's do, that utility rates are set by the providers of said services. Should a prospective tenant feel that it is unacceptable to pay gas and electricity over and above a daily room rental rate on a long term basis, then don't sign the contract, but rather move onto another location. However, to suggest that rates are too high (set by the government or utilities provider) or imply that the owner would pad the bill or manipulate the meter, that is simply preposterous. 

I will close with the tissue issue, for it has also been suggested that Ms. Huong counts the rolls or sits on them and has her staff call her in order that they might release one roll at a time. I asked for an extra roll, which the staff handed over much the same as they did with a rice cooker, and without hesitation, assisted me in hanging my laundry simply because they were in that room at the time. There is no evidence of a miserly attitude in either the staff or Ms. Huong.

In closing, I, not unlike the majority of guests at any lodging, if not all, expect and hope for the best in service, attitude, and amenities. I will have been a three-month resident at Cozy Condos by the time I depart in mid June. If over the past few weeks, I had felt at any time that Cozy Condos was "Just Okay", I would have packed up my gripes by now and made the sensible move and parked my butt in a Better than Okay hotel or apartment. As it is, I am more than satisfied and highly that recommend friends and strangers alike bunk down at Cozy Condos while enjoying the rest of Nha Trang.